Philander Chase



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Has been enjoying the "sameness" of life in Hartford. Is upset that public distress on Salary men is not allowing him to advance his sons' educations like he wants to.




Mr. Ward; Mary Chase; George Chase; Mrs. Fay; Mrs. Batchelor; Almira; church


Hartford Jan. 26 1814

My dear Sister,

As Mr. Ward is again going into Vermont I can not forbear the pleasure of asking you how you and all our friend are.

As for ourselves you would find, if you were present, my little alteration even in the smallest item of your domestic affairs. A kind of sameness which was once rather disgusting is now my delight: in it I find a quietness and peace which are not to be found in the world of business and change - Still we have our trials which I pray God may make us better instead of worse.

Mrs Chase, my wife, I think enjoys better health this winter than she has since she came from the Southward. We can not be too thankful for this blessing. You would be surprised to see how much she accomplishes in the course of the day, by way of overseeing and doing for the family.

George is at Cheshire this winter. He improved in learning and in taste beyond, much beyond, my expectations. Philander is at home - where with Orin he is pursuing his studies as well as he can. The heavy bearing of the public distress on Salary men will prevent me from doing as I would wish in extending the means of their education. But we hope for better times.

Mrs. Fay, my hon’d mother in-Law, is pretty well and mostly in good spirits. The Tidings, some time since, of Mrs. Batchelor’s being very alarmingly sick with the dropsy, has given her great uneasiness; especially as she has heard not from [?]bridge for some time, though she has written thither two or three of her anxious letters. Pray do write us what you can. What kind of Dropsy was this, which portended such fatal consequences? Do relieve our anxiety.

Sister Almira has recovered her health astonishingly: few persons look more robust than she. All send their love to you.

In our parochial and Church affairs we have been blessed beyond example; but one death, during the last year, has happened within our parish! We have had great harmony and friendship among us, and considerable accession to our numbers.

Pray remember us to all our friends and relations in Bethel - and royalton. And believe me to be ever

Your affectionate Brother,

Philander Chase

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