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More thanks Vaughn for his letter and requests his support for projects in Bristol and London




Bristol, Chief Repository Sect, London


My dear Sir,

Many thanks for your kind letter. I often regret that tho’ [?] on both sides we so rarely meet. In the intervals of a trying illness I have been called to exert myself on my hour way in favour of the great cause you have so much of [heard].

I wrote this hasty line to request your cooperation and patronage of a little scheme for the better promoting the circulation of the new Chief Repository Sects and [Songs] in Bristol and its envisions. I have had some talk with [Miss’n] [Herman] and Hodgen today who are very zealous on the subject, the former will I dare say confer with you about it.

Do you think you could prevail on Sir Richard [Grapher] as well to concur in it himself & to stimulate some of his powerful friends. A similar society is formed in London of some Gentlemen of the first respectability. As the [Hershers] and even some Shops in Bristol are selling the [?] are blasphemers. Pamphlets not only of Cobbett, Gambony, printed by Arnold in honor [?] we wish to enable Hashen and others, by making it worth their while, to [counteract] the mischievous ones.

I look forward with pleasure to the hope you give of a [?] visit in the Spring and with our kindest regards to Mrs. Vaughn, I remain, my dear sir

Very faithfully yours,

H, Moore

Barley Wood


Letter to Mr. Vaughn



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