Philander Chase



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Philander tells his parents he will be traveling to New York on a new assignment and asks them to send money so that he may purchase a horse and supplies.




Cornish, NH, Mary Chase, George Chase, New York, teaching




Hond. Father,

Before this reaches you I shall be in N. York. The reason of my going is to obtain Holy Orders, having received directions from the standing committee of this state to repair [thither] immediately to receive an appointment now vacant, and to which my good and worthy friend Mr. [?] has seen fit to recommend me. I’ve written to you relative to this appointment before this. It is to visit the vacant congregations in the state for which I shall receive 500 dollars for [?]. You will therefore congratulate your son assured that his earnest prayers are for the happiness of his dear friends, both in soul and body, especially his ever honored father and mother.

I shall not proceed on to the duties of this appointment until this [?] expires, which will be on the 4th of July next. Then I shall relinquish this school and proceed directly to Cornish, provided that I can receive a letter from you informing me that it is in your power to furnish me with a horse saddle and bridle, on the following terms (vir.):

To give six months credit and at the expiration of these six months to have your money for him in your pocket. I have put it to six months that there may be no failure in the business. One reason for my writing to you to obtain for me a horse is I want a pretence to go home. Another is that I have not the money to advance down for the same and a horse I must have. The 3rd and last reason is that other[men] and my friends in C. are more capable of judging of the quality and price than my poor ignorant self.

Be so good then sir as to give my compliments and love to anyone who will be so good as to assist you in this business and tell them I am much obliged to them or him. Now, sir, if you can send me word (the letter must reach me) by the 4th of July I will set off post-haste for Cornish. Otherwise I shall be obliged to run upon [?] among strangers and perhaps not be so happy as to get one at last, for they are are close fisted set of Dutchmen about in the country here.

However be it as it will. I pray you to write to me by the time mentioned that I may know what to depend on. I wish you to send word to B.C. that if I come to Cornish I shall go there also. My confinement in this school and in an especial manner since Mrs. Chase and George have left me will render my liberation very pleasing. I long for the few weeks to pass away when I shall be permitted to fly home and embrace an hond. and respected Father and Mother [?] brothers and sisters and a tender & affectionate wife and dear son. Though my stay can’t be but for a day or two, yet there never was an expectation in my heart that was so warm and gave me such exquisite pleasure as the present.

To that Being who gives us all good things I owe this in addition to all his mercies. To Him my heart lives in gratitude, and to Him I do and forever will bow with humble thanks and praises.

Philander Chase

Dudley Chase Esqr.

Do not forget me my dear father. But write to me at any rate immediately.

Letter to Dudley and Alice Chase



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