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Subscription to the Church-man's magazine and potential for new subscribers. The two boys are studying in Cheshire.




Dudley Chase; Mrs. Fay; Intrepid Morse; Churchman's Magazine; Reverend John Rudd; George Chase; Philander Chase Jr.


Dear Brother,

I suppose, ere this, you’ve re’d the “Circular subscription” for the Church-man’s magazine to be printed in a New Series at Elizabeth N. Jersey and edited by the Rev. John C. Rudd.

Should any doubts arise on acct. of the difficulty, of conveying them to the subscribers, perhaps they may be obviated by informing you that whatever members shall be taken, up this River may be sent to this place; and hence conveyed by the stage, or by the Boats as shall be thought best without any material expense.

We have subscribed here for 38 members and pay the money in advance knowing that the Editor tho. a man of Talents is deficient in pecuniary means sufficient to commence so extensive a work to good advantage. I hope you’ll take pains in offering the subscription to all our Friends not forgetting our good Sister and Churchwoman, Brother Dudley’s wife. The magazines will contain not the least [?]ure of politics any farther than they are interwoven with the Spirit of Religion - to pray for Governors and obey all, in lawful authority. Write to Mr. Rudd as soon as you get any number subscribed - and whether you or any other of our friends are willing to become the Agents for your neighbourhood - and write to me how you’ll have the Books sent on.

I am very grateful to God when I tell you that tho. I have been twice quite sick this winter, we are all well now. Mrs Fay and Almira seem contented, and my dear wife bears the cold winter better than she did last year. The “dear Boys” are all three at Cheshire and pursuing their studies. I hope they have your prayers joined with those of their Parents, that they may ever prove Christian men and do much good to the Church of God.

Our little Lion here in Hartford, tho. somewhat slow of heart begins to so believe all things written in Moses and the Prophets and in the Psalms concerning the Blessed Jesus - yes, beings to rear her head above the clouds of doubt and despair and look towards the skies whither her Lord hath gone up. In short, people begin to seek the Lord not in their own way - but where only he is to be found, in his way. Where Christ hath promised to be, there all faithful people expect to find him: and it is their own fault it they are disappointed.

I hope you are all well - What is the reason Intrepid never writes to me - pray give my love to him and to all - all our dear friends: My cares are very many, or they should hear from me oftener. Dear Brother, don’t let us forget the shortness and uncertainty of human life. Let us ever strive in every appointed means to recommend ourselves to the mercy of our Divine Redeemer. Let us be reconciled unto God - remembering that God was in Christ reconciling the world unto HIMSELF.

Ever your Brother

Philander Chase


All the Family desires to be remembered most affectionately to yourself and dear sister.

Letter to Dr. Joseph Dennison



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