Philander Chase



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Chase discusses his disapproval of Bishop Hobart's recent sermon and mentions a recent visit with Rufus King, who also questioned Bishop Hobart's sermon.




New York


Bishop Hobart, England, Rufus King, Philadelphia


Very Dear Sir,

I had great pleasure in receiving your most friendly letter addressed to me at my brother Dudley’s in Vermont. The [inclosures] were from my most valued friend in England and gave me much pleasure. They mentioned the deep regret they felt at the excitement created in England by Bp. Hobart’s sermon; and while they disapprove of the sermon as both untimely, ungrateful and unjust, they would be clearly understood not to give any countenance whatever to the un-Christian spirit which appears in Mr. [Morris’] review of the same. What will they say when they see Bp. Hobart [?]! Must it be that the two nations are set on fire by these two [firebrands]? I trust not. On saturday last I went over to Jamaica. Long. I. to see that great and good man Rufus King. My reception was most kind; and the interview was to me most satisfactory. He declared his entire approbation of my plans and his unfeigned joy at the news of their success. These feelings, he said he had made known in England. I was most happy to learn that he questioned the propriety of Bp. Hobart’s publishing by sermon. I also disapproved of the belligerent spirit in the writings subsequent.

I shall remain here and in this neighborhood till next Saturday when [DV.] I shall go on to Philadelphia.

Please address me while here at the house of Leonard [?] Esquire Futton Street. And during next week at the Rev. George Boyds. Philadelphia. With feelings of great esteem I am dear sir your faithful and affectionate friend.

Philander Chase

The Honorable

Henry Clay


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