George Chase



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Chase is staying at his Uncle Dudley's home and assures his uncle of his family's health. He discusses his occupation with his small business and informs his uncle of Betsey's interest in attending school at the West Branch.




Randolph, VT


John Moulton, Betsey, John Randolph, West Branch, Aunt Chase, Mr. Eddy’


Randolph April 8th 1826

My Dear Uncle

I am now at your house and I improve the opportunity of writing in my hurried manner to that “dear and absent Uncle.” There is nothing new to communicate, except to assure you of the continued health, and for aught I know happiness of every individual of your family. I am very busy at present and hardly can find leisure to visit the family here. I am engaged in small business—but you know “the sweetest morsel in the world is the first that your own hands help you to.” The sap from present appearances I think will ren finely today and I am in haste to get home.

Betsey or “bonny Bet” is desirous of attaining a school at the West Branch and I have this moment penned a billet for her to John Moulton requesting his friendly assistance. I have received your good letter, which I have not now with me, relative to John Randolph. Aunt Chase has also received your letter enclosing one from that original Mr. S. [Might]. He must be an honest man to remember an account of such long standing as the one in favour of Mr. Poul. I felt quite affected at reading his letter as it brought many recollections to my mind of both of a sad and pleasing nature. You no doubt remember well the anecdote of “a minister’s son” and “a State’s printer.”

I shall take the first opportunity of answering your letter to me, which I have not with me “more at large” as there are many things in it to which I wish to make a particular reply. I have seen my Father’s letter to Aunt Chase and forbear to make any particular observations. It is characteristic and I do not and could not under any circumstances, the less desire his happiness and prosperity. He is an enthusiast, but an enthusiast in a good cause.

Mr. Eddy’s family are all well—Mrs. Eddy has a fine “Saxony” boy born on April fools day. She “calculated” to die on that occasion but she was April [fooled] indeed.

Oh dear! The sun is coming out so bright and warm that I must hasten home to attend to my large business—so fare thee well

Your affectionate friend and Nephew

Geo. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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