Margaret Kenyon



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Kenyon informs Chase that subscriptions now exceed 6000 pounds and that new subscriptions are continually flowing in.






Ohio, Seminary, American prayer books, St. David's


April 13 1825

I do not like sending you all this blank paper, my very dear Sir--and paper is gone out [so] I must fill it up myself. You will be, I am sure, most thankful to hear that the Ohio subscription now exceeds 6000 pounds and fresh subscriptions are continually flowing in. The picture for the Seminary is now completed, and will this summer be [in] our public Exhibition, which will I hope have the effect of drawing public attention to the sacred cause. I suppose it will set out for America early in the Autumn. I believe the American prayer books will soon be finished. Mr Pratt was speaking about them the other day. Your friends the Bishops of Bath and [?], and St. Davids’, and Durham are all well--and so are Dr. Gaskin and Dr. Bell. I hope by this time you have received my little paper case safe and sound (I wish I could be of more real use to you). It went to Liverpool the end of January. We are hoping to see Mr. Ward of Great Horkesley in town this month. I long to be acquainted with your [?]Ohio. I hope your own [little] Mary continues as rosy and bouncy as ever. Pray forgive my seeming freedom, my most dear Bishop, but I really can scarcely bring myself to believe that my personal acquaintance with you was of little more than an hour, for we have written and read and taled so much about you, that we seem to have been quite acquainted with yourself ourselves. We have heard a good deal about you from dear [Selina] Marriott, and all we hear only makes us deeply regret that we did not see and hear all she did. We cannot [yet] help cherishing the hope, however distant, that some sacred call of duty may again bring you to “Old England”--where oh how different would now be your reception to what it was last November twelvemonth! Once more [farewell] my dear and ever respected Sir! I ever am your obliged and very affectionate humble servant

M. Kenyon

My Ohio [walk] and [cottage] I hope will be completed when we return to Gredington

Letter to Philander Chase



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