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Kenyon recounts times shared with Chase in England, prays for him, briefly discusses Chase's school in Ohio, and provides other updates




Manchester Collegiate Church, Mr. Wiggin, New York, America, England, St. Davids, Bath, Wells, Ohio, Christ’s Church in Ohio, Dr. Bells, Margaret, Marriotts, Queen Sq., Peel of Portman Sq., A. Hodgson, Lady P. Sparrow



Oct. 25


My very dear Bishop,

Your most kind most welcome letter of Sept. 2 reached me most auspiciously on the 16th, the anniversary of my revered Father’s birthday, and we were all truly delighted with it, and with the account you give of yourself and all in affection and friendship most near and dear to you. Very heartily do we all thank God that hitherto all in America has been so blessed to your warmest wishes. Your meeting your excellent Brother Bishop and receiving his congratulations cannot be but singularly gratifying to you as it is to your friends here. I wish your first Convention had met this year that you might have recounted to them the blessings that your sacred cause had met with, and its true merits, and obtained for the gratification of your humble [?] here in your work for the preservation of the Church and the glory of God, their testimony of congratulation. Such I am persuaded can never fail to be bestowed from any which assembly rightly informed on the subject. I can enter thoro’ly in to all your feelings on your restoration to your native land on the evening of August 27, and could have rejoiced to have attended you to your Church at New York, as I shall ever gratefully remember having done on the last Sunday your being in England with our common truly (righteous) friend Mr. Wiggin at Manchester Collegiate Church. All the occurrences of that day and the next blessed morning are treasured up in my mind with peculiar joy and gratitude, that I was permitted to be a partaker in such, bestowed and enjoyed, by you, and on which I am humbly confident Gods blessing will continue to abide. I have several times heard from that worthy man; his zeal and affection for you only seem to increase and his personal rejoicing in the blessings you have been vouchsafed to bestow on him are hearty and permanent; and will ever remain so I have no fear with him and his. I have not heard of what add’l sums have been lately rec’d for your righteous cause but subscriptions still go on in this neighborhood and elsewhere. I shall indulge the good Bishops of St. Davids and Bath and Wells, with a sight of your most kind letter to me: to us I would say; for all my precious daughters are equally interested in it with myself; and receive ith more affectionate gratitude your kind expressions and prayers which none can more highly value. Bred indeed as they were in early life by the sweetest and most pious of others their dispositions are, by the continuance of God’s blessing on them (such as) she sowed, and the precious example of purity affection and piety which she set them, eminently qualified for being struck with such affectionate devotion to God’s service as they saw on the blessed 15th of July, and at all (connection) with your cause and character. I esteem it a high blessing that they could see you and receive your benediction in common with myself and my precious sons as they did; and am very sure the impression will be lasting.

My dear sons are well, thank God at Oxford and Harrow.

Could you have known my blessed angel wife you would have said she was worthy for when [?] us and [?] you so did. We shall all be very anxious to hear of your proceedings in Ohio, and I fervently pray God your every wish and proposal may succeed; as I am very sure that the unity of Christ’s Church in Ohio and thro’ the United States, and the full diffusion of this blessed Word will be your anxious endeavor. I hope your little insight with me into the power of Dr. [Bells] system may also be of service in Ohio. Were I of your diocese what delight should I have, and so would my sweet Margaret in endeavoring to be useful in your schools there. She and I visited a humble one of mine in this neighborhood where at an half yearly Examination we have usually about 200 children present; besides another school which has about its 100. Our excellent friends the Marriotts are tomorrow to be settled again in the winter at Queen Sq. a house which will be dearer to us all for having had you a guest in it; as Peel of Portman Sq. will be also to me and mine on the like account. A. Hodgson continues zealous. The enclosed from Lady P. Sparrow came by return of Post. Accept my very dear Bishop our warmest affection and fervent prayers for every blessing on yu and yours and your sacred cause and Believe me your most affectionate faithful friend.


Letter to Philander Chase



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