Lord Gambier



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Lord Gambier reports his fond feelings towards Bp. Chase and regrets that the Bishop must leave England so soon.




Iver Grove, England


Bishop Chase, England Voyage, Lord Gambier, Return


Lord Gambier to Mr. Clay.

Iver Grove, June 29, 1824

My Dear Sir:

I had great pleasure in receiving your very friendly letter by the hand of the worthy Bishop Chase, and in hearing of your well being from him. I have found him, as you truly describe him, a learned, pious, and highly estimable clergyman; he passed a few days with me here, on his first arrival in this country, and I have had much agreeable communication with him since that time; he gains the esteem and affection of all persons with whom he has been acquainted, he is highly respected, and has been received with great kindness wherever he has gone, and I am happy to say he has been very successful in the important object of his visit in this country. I very much regret that he is under the necessity of returning so soon to hie [sic] diocese; but he leaves an excellent Christian savour among the good and pious of our land. I hope we shall add more to the collection that has been made for the good and laudable work in which he is so piously and zealously engaged.

It is a cause of great satisfaction to me that so much success has attended the good Bishop’s visit to this country, for I greatly rejoice on every occasion that in any way promotes mutual friendship and good will between the people of our two countries.

I feel very sensibly the kind and friendly expressions in your letter, toward me, and happy in every opportunity of assuring you of my high esteem and sincere regard.

Letter to Henry Clay



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