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Miss Macfarlane updates Chase on the subscriptions and tells of a letter she received about him from a Bishop in Scotland.




Lady Rosse, Mr. Jones, Dr. Jackson, Bishop Torry, Mr. Marriott, Dr. Bell, Lord Kenyon, Mr. Wiggin


Eltham July 13th 1824

Right Revd., my dear Sir,

I feel unwilling on one account to write again from the fear of your being troubled by many letters just at last, but I also fear that the inaccuracy of my letter yesterday may cause you some [puzzle] & I therefore write to day hoping it may still reach you in time to explain as some excuse for the inaccuracy I allude to. I may say that on Sunday I had much the same sort of feeling as you described having at Lady Rosse’s. Occasioned I believe by too much bustle or fatigue in London & the heat. I was not able to leave my bed all day & altho’ I was better [yesterday] I did not feel my head quite strong & several people were talking while I was writing. I am quite well, Thank God, today, which I mention because I know you will be pleased I do. I hope & trust that you will escape illness. Without saying more I must that I wish in explanation of yesterday’s letter. I ought to have mentioned that the pocket Communion plate is in the [small] deal box. Sent by the Coach on Sunday & that in it also is a Hebrew Bible which was the last thing I [purchased]. I tried to leave good advise about it, and I hope that it is one you like. It is in this box too that the small parcel containing Mr. [?]’s Sermon & my letter to Dr. [Jasons] is; Just up with the paper book in which I copied Mr. Jones’s letter on Music & what other things I could for your Revd. A friend or two copied one or two things. I regretted I could not more. I did not conclude in it till [Saturday] & I think you will find something you will be pleased with. Do you know anything of Dr. Jackson’s work’s [sic]. He was a contemporary of Hooker’s. He & I wrote 3 [f]olio volumes. Delightfully. Bp. Horne seems to have taken several of his ideas from him, or they were the same. There is a very delightful account of him in the [?] Remembrancer for June. If you can get the number & buy at Liverpool pray do. As it will please you. If not perhaps you will see it in America.

The post is just come in, and has brought me a letter from another of our Scotch Bishops. Bishop [Torry], a very good man. I am very glad that it is come to day as I think what he begins with will please you. Dear sir, it is as follows.

“I duly received your letter inclosing the appeal in behalf of the Diocese of Ohio an appeal which cannot be read by any person of a feeling & Christian heart without deep emotion. With the simplicity & truly apostolic fervour of Bishop Chase’s Character I am quite delighted, and I participate in the satisfaction which the success of his visit to this Country cannot fail to excite in a breast so ardent & zealous as his. May his life be spared to see his labours through the Divine Blessing crowned with complete success!

I think I could well conclude with saying amen, to the [wish] & prayer of this good Bishop. There is something further I wish however. Mr. Marriott told me that Lord Kenyon thought of going to Liverpool to see your Revd. If you see his Lordship after you receive this would you say with my best & respectful [compliments] that if he thinks proper I think it might be useful to the cause to send an appeal & his own opinion to Dr. Bell who is now in Scotland. I rather think that he does not feel quite right upon the subject. I heard of him two days ago from [Inverness]. He had mentioned having heard from Lord Kenyon & his Lordship in such a way that I should think whatever he said would indifference him, & his Dr. Bell’s opinion in Scotland has weight & they influence others. Perhaps sending him a copy of the Churchman’s letter might be well. I hope Lord Kenyon will pardon the freedom I take in suggesting this. I shall explain my reasons more to Mr. Marriott & I will inform his Lordship. And now I have no more room & must say farewell.

I can only offer my unworthy humble prayers for preservation & success & comfort & beg you prevailing [?] for myself. I pray [?] Mr. Wiggin when he writes to tell when you sailed and any [?] you cannot. With the greatest [?] respect & esteem I am Right Revd. [?] your ever obliged, grateful & affectionately attached,

Duff Macfarlane

Letter to Philander Chase



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