Philander Chase



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Chase has an exact plan to leave for America on July 16th. He is worried that this has upset Mr. Wiggin




London, England


England Voyage, return trip, Lord Kenyon, Timothy Wiggin, Gerge Marriott, Manchester, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Wolverhampton


My very Dear Lord Kenyon,

The arrangement of time, in relation to my departure for America, is now completed.

Thus -- 28 ExeterJune

3 Bath & Bristol July

6 Birmingham “

8 Wolverhampton

9 Manchester and neighbourhood

16 Set sail for America --

And may the Good Good won these appointments as of his holy Providence!!

From Mr. Wiggin I have recd no letter for several days. His last was opposed to my going so soon. I hope the reasons assigned by me will convince him. Yet, I should like to hear this from his own lips; for some how his advice has hitherto always proved infallible.

In my letter to him this day I have broached what I once mentioned to your Lordship vi[z] subject of purchasing the village and adjacent land, on which the Theological Seminary shall be placed. I have mentioned two great advantages permitting from this measure.

  1. The securing to the Insitutor the benefit of the great rise in the value of the lands accruing solely for the planning the Seminary upon them.

  2. The power of binding the purchase of lots, when sold again, to good behavior in regard of nuisances

As in respects the former, perhaps it would not be out of the way to say that the gain to the Institution in the rise of Property would exceed all I have as yet obtained in Eng[land]?

A considerable capital will be required. This might be required. This might be hired; and while the security to the ender should rest on the land itself by a mortgage for the payment of principal and interest he would have exquisite satisfaction of rising a great sum of money realized to the Institution by the measure.

Then I have the pleasure of meeting your Lordship in Manchester (and on the promise to this effect I rest with great delight) will you have the goodness to talk this matter over with Mr. wiggin? He has great sum of money in the Seman Stocks, which are soon if not now redeemable & his Lordship will know what to do with the Capital -- Could we have the use of $100.00 for a year or two without interest the Institution would be made. I am a poor hand to push things especially with a friend whom iI love and most especially about money. I can preach & I can pray while money is out. Out of the question: but when that is mentioned, a whole host of hobsgobbings arise most difficult to allay. Thank God I can rid of these daemons of self-interest: But other & more severe trials perhaps await me. God give me grace to bear them!

I suppose the good Marriotts tell you all the news: as they know all things relating to Ohio that I know what I should say would be state. One thing they never can tell your Lordship & that is how sincerely and affectionately I am your Lordship’s humble friend,

Philander Chase

June 245 1824 —

10 Scathingston Buildings Holben-London

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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