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Charlotte and Mary thank Chase for his kindness and hope that he will accept the gift of a pocketbook to take back to America with him.




Ohio, voyage to America, Great Horkesley


Gt Horkesley Rectory

June 28th 1824

Charlotte and Mary Ward, present their respectful, and affectionate regards, to Bishop Chase, and request that he will, with his usual kindness to them, permit the accompanying pocket-book, to be his companion to Ohio, and the receptacle of his invaluable correspondence.

They cannot finally take leave of Bishop Chase, without again expressing, the gratification they have experienced, from his kindness to them, and a sincere desire, that the impression, which his conversation and character, have made on their minds may never be erased.

They trust, they may be permitted, to conclude with an offer of their humble, but most sincere prayers, for the increased, and increasing happiness, of the venerable Bishop Chase, that he may be blessed, in every endeavor for the welfare of his people, and may live to see them in the full enjoyment of every spiritual good; and finally that they all may meet, before the Throne of Grace, to celebrate the praises of Redeeming Love.

Letter to Philander Chase



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