Philander Chase



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Chase tells his wife that he has just returned from Oxford and that an important figure in England has written an article in his defense. He misses his family in Ohio but believes he will not be able to leave for America until November and regrets that the journey will take at least a month.




Lord Gambier, Lady Gambier, Mr. & Mrs. Buckland, Mr. and Mrs. Heyland, Oxford, George Chase


London June 21, 1824

My Dear Wife

I have just returned from Oxford. On my way back I called and spent the Sunday with Lord Gambier at Iver. His Carriage and servants were eating at Oxbridge when I came along on Saturday. Never was a nobleman more kind & devoted that his to the cause of Ohio. Lady Gambier has lost all her reserve towards me and enters with great warmth into my interest. A Mr. & Mrs. Heyland[?]were there thro the Sunday with a Mr. & Mrs. Buckland nephew & niece to Lord G. of these I speak more particularly when I see you.

But I have not said enough about Oxford: Indeed I can not say half what they deserve. I was treated with great kindness and the Ohio cause prospers.

For the first time something like controversy has appeared in my defense. It is from the pen of one who stands at the head of the public Ecclesiastical affairs in Engd. and except the commendations in my favor it is nothing but the truth. To say it is the whole truth would not become it. For were this to come in Engd. I fear it would not be so honorable to certain characters.

Have I written this for without acknowledging yours of May 6? Dear dear wife and Children! How I long to see you! I begin to talk about returning. Indeed, I must go soon, or not till another season see the Ohio: for we can not move after Nov. And it will take a month to see across the Atlantic. And I must go & see many Brothers tho it be only for one night. By the 16 or the 24 of July I think of sailing. But remember this is no more than thanking and you know this is always aloud to you. Make the Children pray for me. Their prayers were heard before in the hour of Danger. I hope again to be spared through Jesus Christ our Lord

Tell Dear Brother George to get all things ready. What is best that Do in engaging servant him to attend you & the Children to Ohio.

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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