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Marriott updates Chase on the progress at Oxford.




Dr. Macbride, Bishop of Oxford, Kenyon, Robert Marriott, Lady Thompson, Mr. Whitlaw, St. John's, Seminary for the Education of Natives


Mr Marriott Thursday morn. 17th

June 17th June


My dear Reverend

The American Pamphlet will occupy so much of the franks of today that I shall occupy but a small part of the weight allowed to one, and Mr Pratt will do the same as to the other. We think you must be anxious to see it, and that you will have great satisfaction in reading it—but we think it may be right to keep it to yourself, lest your circulating it should be laid hold of as contrary to your professed course of conduct, to which you have certainly hitherto adhered. You may show it in confidence to Dr Macbride, or any particular Individual. It is of importance that it should come back when you do. Some good citations from it will appear in the Letter.

I trust that you have not sent me a letter by yesterday’s Post under Cover to Lord Kenyon. He left Town this morning, and, if directed to him, it will be sent on to Gredington. You see I still suspect you of not always being accurate and punctual. You bear all my scoldings, for the sake of the anxiety which gives birth to them to serve the best Cause in the world, so patiently, that it encourages me to go on scolding.

3 P.M. I have seen the President of St John’s this morning. He most correctly understands your Case, and speaks very favorably of your claim. He says he has no doubt his College will give to Canada and to you, and he thinks that a sum will be given in October from the University Chest. He asked if the delay would be inconvenient, and I answered in the negative. He said the Bishop of Oxford took great interest in your Case. I told him you was to dine yesterday with the Vice-Chancellor, which he was glad to hear.

5. I have just opened your most acceptable letter. I will not write this over again to get rid of the unmerited scolding, or even erase it. I know you can pardon me. The news is good indeed. I regret that anything prevented your dining in Christchurch, and meeting the Bishop of Barbadoes elect, or rather nominate, but New College is an important station. Duncan is my friend, and a most actively benevolent man. I shall depend on a letter to-morrow, because the Party of yesterday was important indeed. What Paradise it would be to me to be with you! But whenever I ought to be, I would wish, at second thoughts, to be. Good Lord K. left Town today. He will be at Gredington on Saturday.

It rejoices my heart to hear what you say of my dear Nephew Robert. He will be rewarded in this life by having been led thus early to shew his Colors, and enlist himself on the side of Religion. He has excellent points, and (we have sometimes feared) an uncertain tenure, from something wrong about the Lungs, beyond that of his age in general. The accounts I hear of Pusey are quite first-rate. I agree with your observations on a slight, or rapid, Grace. The manner of its usual delivery betrays a consciousness at least that it will not be acceptable to the Guests, if not a wish on the part of the Host to reduce it as much as possible to a short, unmeaning, form. And it has become very generally disused, I fear. Lady Thompson’s Messenger (who bought a Sermon preached by “the Reverend A. Fletcher,” annexed to an Annual Report of Mr Whitlaw’s Institution, with the enclosed note from her Ladyship) was told at Mrs Pass’s that you was absent from London.

I complimented the President of St John’s on his clear and simple view of the subject of your claim—i.e. that you wanted the means of erecting and endowing a Seminary for the education of Natives to the Ministry, and that every security was given that the pure Religion of our own Church would be taught in that Seminary,” and on the absence from his mind of all frivolous objections. He will not be shaken, I trust,

[section crossed out]

Yours very affectionately and devotedly


Letter to Philander Chase



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