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Lady Somerset promises to do her best to advance the college and reports on the donations she has received.




Lord William Somerset, Blaize Castle, Ohio


Woodfield House


July 13th, 1824

My much valued friend,

Your kind and welcome letter has given me the truest pleasure & I shall never part with it while I live, and when you are very far distant I shall think of you and pray for you, and I will never cease (so long as it is necessary) to endeavour all I can to forward your views with regard to the College at Ohio. I have got five pound from Dr. M[?] a good and excellent clergyman and a friend of mine, and the subscription toward the printing press goes on well. I can with truth assure you that I shall always look back with pleasure to the day I spent in your society at the Blaize Castle and shall note it down amongst the happy days of my life, I can only regret the gratification is not to be repeated. How good and kind you are in the midst of so much business and occupation to write to me. Lord William is much flattered by your kind manner of mentioning him. He only regrets he could not have given more, he is doing all in his power to get subscription, but I am sorry to say, has not been very successful. I wish every body could have heard you preaching for your people, and relating your most interesting story, they could not then have refused to assist so good and laudable an undertaking. I must not take up your precious time by writing a longer letter therefore my esteemed and greatly respected friend let me bid you adieu and I earnestly entreat your Prayers, and that God in His goodness may grant you a safe voyage and a happy meeting with your wife your family and your People is the fervent Prayer of your Very grateful & humble [servant]

Lady W. Somerset

Letter to Philander Chase



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