Avison Terry



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Terry reports that his friend Mr. Thompson has been swayed towards Chase's cause by the British Critic's article. He encloses £10 that Mr. Thompson has donated to the Seminary.




British Critic, Mr. Thompson, Bishop Chase, fanaticism, Seminary


Newland 31 July 1824

My dear Sir,

When good Bishop Chase favored me with his company I intended to introduce him to one of my friends Mr. Thompson who is a liberal contributor to many of our religious charities but he did not at that time entertain the same views of Bishop Chase’s object which we did, I had however the pleasure to receive from him the other day a note in which he says “I see that the [pretended] orthodox writers in the Review called the British Critic insinuate that Bishop Chase is a Fanatic & a Methodist. If as I have understood for these fifty years past what such language means & it has generally raised my opinion of the piety of the man to whom it is applied, I beg that you will send to Bishop Chase for me the inclosed few pounds more, in support of his plan for establishing a Seminary in the state of Ohio & I pray God to give him an abundant success.”

I send you inclosed the note for £10 & I shall be glad to find that the abuse of our excellent friend the Bishop has been much in various quarters, by answers equally efficacious when you write to Bishop Chase may I beg of you to [?] my kind regards & best wishes to him.

Believe me

My dear Sir

Yours sincerely

Avison Terry

Letter to Josiah Pratt



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