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Wheaton claims he had no involvement in the recent offensive article published in the British Critic and declares his support for Chase's efforts to start a Theological School in the Diocese of Ohio.






Rev. N.S. Wheaton, Philander Chase, British Critic, Bishop Hobart, Diocese of Ohio, Theological School


Right Rev. and dear Sir,

I should have no hesitation in fully complying with your wishes expressed in your note of yesterday, did I not fear that it would be thought an officious interference on my part, in a case in which I was not immediately concerned. If any assurance can be deemed necessary to exonerate me from the suspicion of any participation in the offensive Article, which appeared in the British Critic for May last, (and I was ignorant that any such suspicion existed;) I here disclaim all knowledge of the Article in question, till it had been for some days before the public. I think it an unjustifiable attack on a person, innocent of the motives there [imputed] to him; and I give you full credit, as I ever have done, for the purity of your intentions, in asking to establish a Theological School in the Diocese of Ohio.

I do not hesitate, moreover, to declare my conviction, that after the [friendly] [recognition] of your plan, in the paper signed by Bishop Hobart and myself, had he been in this country, he would have been accessory to no such attack on yourself or the cause you are promoting, as that contained in the British Critic.

If this expression of the sentiments of an individual can be in any way useful to your cause, you are at liberty to make what use of it you may think proper.

I remain,

Your very sincere friend,

And servant in Christ,

N. S. Wheaton,

Agent for the Gen. Theo. Sem., and Washington College in Conn. N. J. of America

Letter to Philander Chase



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