Philander Chase



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Bp. Chase expresses his sincere love for Lord Kenyon, asks him to take care of his correspondence with Miss Macfarlane, and updates him on meetings and donations.




Holborn, England


Miss Duff Macfarlane, Bishop of Limerick, Lord Bexley, Thomas Baring, Alexander Baring


10 F.S. Buildings

Holborn June 9, 1824

My dear Lord Kenyon

May the Almighty good Lord ever bless and keep you! I affirm now as I constantly feel towards your Lordship; and I know you will ever hereafter find I speak the truth in saying there is no man living whose mind soul and body, in so short a period of acquaintance I have been obliged to love more sincerely than those of Lord Kenyon.

I send a letter and my answer and except your Lordship shall please to mention it the [fact] of my having sent a Lady’s letter to a gentleman shall never be mentioned by me.

[Pray] have the goodness to seal mine to Miss Macfarlane and [frank] it to the place where hers is dated, and inclose hers back to me as soon as may be convenient to your Lordship. I dined yesterday in company with the Lord Bishop of [Limericke]. He was very friendly to me and I am to breakfast with him on Friday morning; on that day also I am to dine with Lord Bexley. Sir Thomas Baring has sent 20₤ to the Ohio fund. I have written to Mr Alexander Baring; reminding him of his kind letter to me last fall and soliciting his attention to the “appeal” and statement. No letters as yet from America. I [enlist] your Lordship’s prayers that all may be well.

Remember no man on earth loves your Lordship better than

Philander Chase

Wednesday 10 o’clock

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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