Philander Chase



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Bp. Chase is recounting all the people he has recently met to Lord Kenyon and especially wishes to pray for Miss Mary Ward who appears to be ill.




Mr Ward, Mary Ward, Lord Bexley, The Bishop of Limerick, Mr Hennett, Mr Marriott, Horkesley, England Voyage


12 o’clock June 9 1824

Most dear Lord Kenyon,

Just as your kind note with its voluminous inclosures came I was obliged to go at the previously appointed moment, to dine with a friend. So that till I returned home at quite a late hour I would find no time to read what you sent.

I bless God most sincerely [that] I have the good opinion and pious wishes of that excellent family whom by your Lordship’s kindness, I had the happiness of seeing at G Horkesley, but, poor, dear, lovely Mary must form her judgment on more solid proofs or she will suffer often and severely suffer in passing through this naughty world. Her memory is certainly much better than in persons of her age. O may the Angel of mercy and power watch over and guard this innocent enthusiast. God, who moulded the dreams of Jacob, shape and direct the day visions of this dear girl for good. Let no evil [befall] her--let not the wicked approach to hurt her. Let her days be peaceful--the morning fresh the moon full of [useful] cares and the evening serenely mild. God of my Life! For Jesus Christ’s sake I beg thee to bless this dear Daughter of our good friend Mr Ward!!

When dining yesterday in company with the Lord Bishop of Limerick I engaged to breakfast with him on Friday morning. The great pleasure of meeting you Lordship at Mr M’s on that morning cannot, therefore, be had; for reasons apparent. I hope however to have the pleasure of seeing your Lordship’s face somewhere. Please to name I am engaged to dine tomorrow Mr Henett’s and next day with Lord Bexley.

Most affectionately and faithfully, your Lordship’s friend and [servant]

Philander Chase

Letter to Lord Kenyon



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