Mrs. Tuckfield



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Mrs. Tuckfield is asking George Marriott to pass along her regards to Bp. Chase because she will be leaving without seeing him.




London, England


Bp. Case, G. W. Marriott, Mrs. Tuckfield, Lady LeGerman, Cambridge, England Voyage


Mrs Tuckfield to Mr Marriott

May 28th

My dear Sir

Will you be so good as to give my best respects to the Bishop of Ohio, and my thanks for his obliging note when he returns from Cambridge, as I am leaving Town in a few days I shall not have an opportunity of thanking him myself. Lady [LeGerman’s] winter with me in best wishes for the success of his projects. She and my brother beg to contribute 5 each to the subscription. These sums with 2 from myself I have taken the liberty of troubling you with. I am ashamed I did not send you the copy of the letter before I had given it to Miss Guines with the note you were so good as to write me and I forgot to ask him for it. I am glad to see Mr [?]’s handsome donation. My Brother unto by my desire to tell him of the Bishops admiration of his sermon and we sent him one of his books for his answer to My Brother. He seemed much gratified and I believe his donation was in consequence. With but comfort to Mrs Marriot I remain dear Sir yours obliged

Mrs Tuckfield

Letter to George Mariott



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