Duff Macfarlane



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Duff is sharing his high opinion of Marriott and planning a meeting with Chase.




London, England


(fragment), England voyage, George Marriott


sides being I hope of real benefit to me — and seeing it as I do to Mr. Marriott is particularly satisfactory to me — I have had the happiness of knowing several very excellent people — but I do not think any person exceeding Mr. Marriott in all that is most truly estimable, but I need not tell you so Dear Sir, altho’ I cannot mention him without bearing my little testimony to his worth — should it suit your Rev’re to come to the Friends house there I propose going on Thursday Evening, I may name any time most convenient to you — to tea on Thursday — or Friday any time after Evening [?] to breechfort on Saturday, or any hour till 3 o’clock — I am sorry it is a distant part of the town — I s’d send a servant to show the way should you have any time — I require to apologise for this very long note but I shall trust to your kindness to excuse it of begging your blessing remain with the most sincere respect & regard Right Rev’d

Dear Sir truely & faithfully yours

Duff Macfarlane

I should have said how much pleased I am at your thinking as you do of Mr. [Roger]’s discourse. I hope you may see & know him at Bath. The [widow] of my dearest Brother who [was] a Clergyman knows him intimately. [?] I shall [?] your opinion of the discourse.

17 New Gremond St. Tuesday Even’g April 13 1824

Fragment of Letter to Philander Chase



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