Philander Chase



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Chase wrote a speech about the relationship between the American and English Episcopal Churches. He shared this at a dinner party




Lutterworth, England


England voyage, dinner party, American Episcopal Church, Church of England


The Writer when present at this dinner 31. March 1824 at Mr. [Dicey’s] was desired to express his sentiments of the relations subsisting between the Church of England + the Epis. Church of America. He wrote the following in pencil & gave it to the company.

March 31

The Church of America is the Daughter of the Church of England —

May the Parent never love her character as a Mother; ad while for her piety and order she is beautiful as Tirzah & comely as Jerusalem, may she prove to the enemies of her faith terrible as an army wit banners.

And thou, Dear Church of America my beloved country, God Almighty give thee grace & strength to rise from depression & obscurity; & shake off thy slumber. — Come [?ice] one of her that bore thee. Look forth as the morning, fair in the morn, clear as the dawn; and as thy parent prove always to the wicked, terrible as an army with banners.

Philander Chase.

Sentiments given at a dinner

March 1824

Sentiments at a Dinner



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