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Bp. Chase is updating his wife on his travels and his recent stay with the Marriots.




Lutterworth, England


England voyage, Reverend Robert Marriot, Reverend Powel, Reverend Bateswell, Appeal, Mr. Evans, Reverend Pearson, Lord Gambier, Mr. Hayden, Lord Kenyon, Reverend Stuart


Cotesbatch, N. Luttenworth

Mar. 29 1824, Monday

My Dear Wife

I came to this place and was kindly recd. By the Rev. Robert Marriott last friday: The same evening his mother G.W. Marriott the Barrister with a friend came. Theve evening was spent in much good [conversation] and the interest taken in my cause seems to increase. Early in the morning of Saturday the Lawyer took his leave to attend court in Warwickshire, but before he went the plan was laid to dine at his house in London with Lord Kenyon next Saturday. The meanwhile to be spent in his neighbourhood. Accordingly on Saturday, the Rev. Mr Marriott and myself moved our horses and went to two villages within the distance of about 4 miles. The Rev. Mr. Powel the Rec. of Baterwell with his daughter lives in a neat parsonage in the vicinity of a well repaired Gothic Church. He is a scholar & she a very sensible pious young lady. They entertained us with refreshments and good conversation. We then passed on to Claybrook about 2 m. further to a M. Dicey’s. Here wealth taste piety and good sense were displayed in all [senses] and heard. After engaging to dine with them next Tuesday we took our leave and arrived at Mr. M’s about an hour after dark.

Sunday was spect in attending Church twice at Cotesbatch. Rev. M. Marriott preached & performed service morning; and in the evening -- in place of the sermon he read a Homily. Today as we were just [?] for another ride M. Powel & his daughter arrived in a gig and detained us very agreeably about an hour. The “appeal” having been read with greater interest M. Powel [promised] all his services to be useful. We then set off on our ride, & took a circuit of about 10 miles in [?] we passed five Ch[ambers] besides many others in sight. THe Clergy whom we saw were three Rev. M. Evans, Dr. Pearson, & the Rev. M. When we came home we found the Rev. the Curate of Luttenworth & a M. [?] [Haspen] who tho’ born to a large fortune being the older son [?] chose to take orders.

Wednesday Mar 31 1824. In [?] at the Rev. R. Marriott’s yesterday according to appointment we went to Claybrook. On our way at Batewell we called agian on the Rev. M. Powel. He red. Us affectionately and said much in disapprobation of Bp Hobart’s proceedings in this country. His observations were prompted by the writings in print.

At 4 we arrived at the Residence of M. Dicey Claybrook. The dinner was soon announced & there were present Mr. & Mrs. Dicey, the Rev. Messr. Marriot Johnson Vicar of Claybrook. I.W. Doyle Recr. of Stony Stanton, [?] Green & The D. Schomberg } Curates of Lutterworth.

The conversation was almost entirely on the subject of the [division] and the Church of Christ. The interests of the American Church and particularly the Diocese of Ohio were [conversed]. The time at Dinner & tea passed off most pleasantly & [?] profitably.

This morning after a most [appreciable] conversation at breakfast and after enjoying again teh company of the good Recr. of Claybrook who stopped in to see us, Mr. Marriot myself rode to Lutterworth towards home. On our way, we just called at a Mr. Goodacres, who as Mr. M. said promised him for the Ohio fund 5 Guineas.

Mr. M. stays till form at Luttenworth to attend a Magistrates meeting long since appointed: he will come home with company and we shall all dine at 4. ––

Thursday April 1st, 1824

The company at Mr Marriotts (under whose roof I now so kindly entertained) consisted at dinner yesterday of Mr Wm. Marriot, Miss Catherine [Hetherington]

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