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Entreats Hobart for a missionary to relive his "arduous duties." May accept a new position as the president of a college in Cincinnati. Intrepid Morse's wife recently died.




Cincinnati, OH


Mr. Johntson, Mr. Osborne, Mr. Van Rensalear, missionary, Cincinnati College, president, church


Bishop Hobart

Right Rev. Brother,

In pity on me, send a proper character for a Missionary to relieve me in the arduous duties which I fear are carrying me fast to the grave. Our infant parishes must be kept alive at my hazard: and if we have no aid I myself must be the sacrifice.

The Missionary Society have authorized me to pay, as a compensation, $400 per [annum] a small sum; but the expenses of traveling will be but small.

You may ask me why I look to you when your own wants are so great in N.Y.? Because I despair in looking elsewhere: and because the Church in the west demands it. Aid us now - (under God), save us now - and you will deserve our warmest gratitude. Say not that you want your pious and zealous Clergy in your own Diocese. The plea is granted - But remember yours are trifling wants compared with ours. You would not feel what in our case will prove I fear our ruin. Send us then I pray you a Labourer [?] for the work. Engage him, if it can not be longer, only for one year and he may then return to you with the blessings of thousands on his head. If he need something for an [outfit] pray grant it him and put it to my charge. I will see it paid.

I am now in Cincinnati, where the Trustees are soliciting me to [accept] the appointment to the Presidency of their College. Both Mr. Johnston and Osborne join the Trustees in urging me to this measure, or the plea of my being thus situated, more enabled to benefit the Church. I shall indeed be more confined; but my health requires repose or I sink under my accumulated fatigues.

I wish you to write me; and thus multiply my obligations to you. Have the goodness still to address me at Worthington.

Our Journals you will see in a few days.

Poor Mr. Morse in whose welfare you and Mr. Van Ranselaer took such deep interest had the great affliction of losing his wife after she had been such only about a fortnight. I married them at Chillicothe. She died on her way to Steubenville at Zanesville. He is the best of men, and she was the best of women.

WIth great esteem and friendship I am

Ret. Rev. Sir Yours

Phil. Chase

Letter to Bishop Hobart



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