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Plans for a meeting of clergy at Healds Hall




Leeds, England


"England voyage, Francis Beaumont, Dudley, Tong, Gilderson, Drighlington, Birstall, Cleckheato, Liversedge, Mirfeild, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Almondbury


Healds Hall near Leeds

Saturday 13 March 1824

Right Reverend Sir,

The circumstances under which a few of the neighbouring Cleary meet at this place on Monday next, make it necessary for me to mention so early an hour for dinner as One o’clock. Some three or four of the clergy will hope to meet you here at that time and I hope also to introduce to you the gentleman I mentioned (Mr. Francis Beaumont of Gomersall) as possessing lands in America. I am not acquainted with the title by which he claims them but a few words will probably lead to some conclusion on that head.

Our club is partly a book-club and partly a conversation party on clerical duties & parochial concern in which as clergymen we may be parties. The leading object is to promote a friendly intercourse and feeling -- It is a mere tea party -- A dry bed will be much at your service -- Public coaches pass this place from Leeds to Huddersfield (both ways) morning, noon, and evening.

The annexed sketch will convey an idea of our situation in reference to the neighbouring towns and to each other. Should the Bearer find you at liberty a single line, will oblige right Reverend Sir, -- or by the mail this evening --

Your respectful friend & servant

Hammond Roberson

Clergy who meet at Healds Hall

The Revd. D. Jenkins Incumbent Curate of Dudley

Jonas Driver Asst C of Tong

G.A. Kinsman Incumbent C. of Gilderson

H. Bailey & Dr. Drighlington

W.M. Heald Vicar of Birstall

R. Beaumont Assistant Curate of Birstall

Geo. Winter the Curate of Cleckheaton

H.R. Member C of Liversedge

TS. Jones Assistant Assistant curate of Liversedge

J. Atkinson Incumbent to [Hashhead]

Thoms Sedgwick Vicar of Mirfeild

J Buckworth Vicar of Dewsbury

E. Edwards Incumbent C of Manden near Hudd.

H. Harrison Asst Curate of Almondbury

M. [Ledgwrith] Asst C. of Batley. Gram’r School Master

It is seldom that all are present on the same day.

To the Right Reverend Bishop Chase

Joseph [Kaishi Erger]


Letter to Philander Chase



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