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Bp. Chase is feeling discouraged and in empasizing his need for more money for the seminary




Lutterworth, England


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Lutterworth Eng

Mar 271824

Dear Brother,

Writing by a stranger [and] being very great haste; I can only tell you that; so far as, (assisted by the Spirit of God) I am able to bear much affliction and to keep up my spirits and do my duty I am well and successful.

Mr. Brother from N. York is off showing me to the utmost of his power therefore the sphere of my usefulness is but circumscribed. “Poor, dear, Angel,” Philander. His last breath is to encourage me in my present undertaking and God being my helper his advice shall be obeyed.

I must not can not see my country again — I must lay my bones in England or in some distant land if $50,000 be not raised for the Seminary for the education of young men for the Ministry in the west, according to my plan. This Dear Brother is no rash thought it is the result of reason, and much reflection. My all is pledged and given and I humbly trust God is on my side. The measures I have taken meet the approbation of all candid people in this and in our own country.

If you wish to hasten my return and love the Church of God in the west correspond with Charles Sigourney of Hartford Connecticut. A son Hayden of New York--Leonard Kep of New York. Rev. B. G. Noble Middletown Connecticut--Rev. Mr. Morse of N. bury Port Masst--[?] [Chess] [?] [New Hampshire]--Rev. Mr. Osborne of Edisto Island, S. Carolina--and anyone else whom you may think proper to forward a speedy and generous subscription for the Seminary in Ohio.

Mr. Sigourney I think if written to by you would put forth an appeal in my behalf in America similar to that which I now send you.

I have but a short time to live at fertherart, but it will I think be much shorter if I fail in this object. About $7,000 dollars are already raised in this country, it may be [?]--the rest must come from my own country; if God will prosper us.

Faithfully and lovingly your Brother,

P. Chase

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