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Reade is telling Wiggin that Rev. John Fawcett would like to meet with Philander Chase, but neither of them know where Bp. Chase is to tell him, himself.




Leeds, England


Rev. John Fawcett, English voyage, Bp. Chase, Manchester


Leeds 25th March 1824

Dear Sir,

The Revd. James Fawcett, whom the Bishop of Ohio met at my house & at the Revd. Mr. Wellam’s, has this morning red. A letter from his excellent Father, the Revd. John Fawcett of Carlisle, wishing him to inform the Bishop, how glad the friends there would be to see him. Not knowing where Bishop Chase is at present, but presuming that you are acquainted with his movements, I take this liberty of addressing this letter to you.

If you & our dear & beloved Friend Bishop Chase should think it advisable to travel so far north, would it not be advisable to take Preston - Lancaster - Kendal - Carlisle - Newcastle - Sunderland &c - as a route, provided suitable recommendation can be obtained for each place. The Bishop & yourself will be the best judges as to the expediency of such a journey.

My reason for mentioning the places where the Bishop saw Mr. James Fawcett is, that he may know respecting whom I write.

I regret we have not been able to obtain more here for the good Bishop’s object; but our friend is made fully acquainted with our peculiar circumstances; & the small circle within which almost all subscriptions are obtained which are designed to promote the cause of the Gospel irrespective of party or nation.

Should the Bishop be at Manchester, say to him all that is kind & affectionate on my part & on that of my Wife & Children. DId the friends here know what I am now writing, the would with united voice & heart, desire to be joined in one common expression of Christian love.

We have obtained so far £63.10. I wish it had been more; but we know that our blessed Love will not despise even a cup of cold water, given out of love to Himself.

With much respect believe me to remain

Yours truly

Tho. S. B. Reade

Should the Bishop not be able to visit Carlisle, I would strongly recommend his writing to the Revd. John Fawcett, as this good friend [?] to do something for the Cause of Ohio; & a letter form the Bishop on the ground of the present communication from me which is made at the request of Mr. James Fawcett of Leeds might operate as an additional stimulus to exertion.

Letter to Timothy Wiggin



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