Philander Chase



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Bishop Chase tells of a recent portrait made of him, though he refuses, to avoid vanity, to have another one made.




England voyage, Lady Palmer, George Marriot, Lord Kenyon, Reverend Stuart


10 Featherstone Buildings

Holborne 25th May

Dear Sir;

I wish I were worthy of ever a small part of the attention which you and Lady Palmer pay me. Nothing but the thought of being useful to my dear People in the West ever made me yield to the request of Mr. Marriott. He said it would serve to make my cause, on the success of which so much depends, more known and would be respectful to the persons who might patronize it: I therefore sat for my picture: and the likeness is said to be uncommonly good. Lord Kenyon says it exceeds in point of exact resemblance, and has engaged [?] to make him a copy. Thus what is done seems to have answered the end in view. To go any farther by trying another sitting for another artist would seem to savour of vanity; & thus would do more harm than good. Much therefore as I esteem Lady Palmer and however anxious I really am to shew her all possible respect by attending to her every command & wish; yet in this I must entreat her Ladyship’s permission to decline: Which I am sure her Ladyship will grant solely for the reason above stated.

Day after tomorrow I go to Cambridge (if the Lord will). I shall return in about a week and then go thro’ Oxford to the south and thence into Wales, thence to Ireland.

Letter to Mr. Babington



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