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Stuart updates Bishop Chase on the reception of his Appeal in Stuart's vicinity. Mr. Pratt has given £90.




England voyage, Appeal


Nottingham. May 22, 1824

Right Rev. & dear Sir,

I was much obliged to you for your letter, which I ought to have answered sooner: but I have waited to ascertain, as nearly as possible, the effect produced, in these parts, by the Appeal in behalf of your Diocese. For tho’ subscriptions do not poss thro’ your hands, yet, no doubt, it will rejoice & strengthen you, in the good cause you have undertaken, to hear that e/y Holy Spt. of God disposes the public to provide you h/w the means of nourishing your flocks with the bread & water of life. Our success here, tho’ not equal to my wishes, yet has exceeded my expectation. I have already remitted to Mr. Pratt £90, within a few shillings: & intimations of some gleanings have been given.

I am happy to hear that our two Arch Bishops are giving you their countenance. To provide for the religious instruction of so many immortal souls, not only at present, but probably, as far as human foresight can look into futurity, for many generations, is a great undertaking. And I have no doubt that it will be accompanied with the Divine Blessing.

I heard from several quarters, of the death of yr. Son. As there was no doubt that he had obtained peace with God, & justification thro’ faith in our Lord, I let you feel persuaded, I am sure, that to him death was gain.

Many enquiries are frequently made about you, & the cause in c/w you are engaged. And I hope I need not add that my family, both the older & younger members, feel much interest about you & yours. All join in kind respects.

I remain, Right Rev. & dear Sir;

Yours very truly

John Burnett Stuart.

Letter to Bp. Chase



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