John Longmire



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Contribution of five pounds to Chase's cause. Asks if Chase and his infant institution would find value in a collection of books and periodicals he has.




Wakefield, England


England voyage, Christian Observer, Appeal, Mr. Hatchard, Mr. Morselock


Winkfield Feb 10th 1824

Near Bradford



In consequence of reading that excellent publication, The Christian Observer a statement of your difficulties and trials respecting your diocese of Ohio and your appeal to the Christian public in its behalf, I have felt (no doubt in common with many others) my sympathy encited in so interesting a cause. I sent a note of two pounds the other day to Mr. Hatchard out on a [reperusal] of the account in another work, I cannot feel satisfied without contributing farther help according to my [united] means. I wish I were capable of more. [I enclose] a five pound note three of which are my own addition to the former two, to make the sun of five, the other two from John Charvis Esq. a worthy parishioner of men. But the reason of my sending it to you and writing to you is to inquire [...] parcel of books would be of service to your infant institution. I have for some time purposed to give a number of periodical reports and publications to some missionary society and if you should think them desirable to possess make the offer to you first. There is a complete set of the reports of the British and Foreign Bible Society, also the Missionary Register a complete set to the present time, the Jewish [Exposition] with several sermons and reports of other societies. If you should think them of any value and will let me know when to direct them I will transmit them soon. I direct this [?] cover to Mr. Hatchard hoping thereby it will reach you safe. With earnesty wishing success to your Christian [?] labours

I am

Yours with much [esteem]

John Martyn Longmire

I have no doubt an account of the progress of your College after some time would be gratifying to the friends of the cause in this country.

Mr. Morslock of Oxford St. is a Gentleman likely to afford you much valuable assistance.

Letter to Philander Chase



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