Philander Chase



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Business Memorandum; John Carman; John Brooke; Daniel Dean; John Aikin; Dudley Chase


Statement of business left in my hands for settlement by the Rev Philander Chase, and for which I am to account to him on his lawful representative.

One judgement against John [?] in Dutchess Common. Please for one hundred and eighty sin dollars and fifty four cents besides costs.

One judgement is the supreme bout against John Booke for one hundred and twenty one dollars and fifty cents and [?] from 27th June 1805.

One note against Daniel S. Dean on which a suit is commenced, for one hundred and fifty six dollars and three cents, dated 21st March 1805, on which said note Mr. Dean has a set off amount not exactly known.

Poughkeepsie [?] 18th 1806

John Ackin

I, Philander Chase, give unto Dudley Chase [?] of Randolph Vermont, power of attorney to act as my lawful representative in collecting receiving and applying the within mentioned amounts judgements and estate as he shall think best for the interest of me and my family.

Philander Chase

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