George Marriott



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Marriott acknowledges one of Chase's letters to him and tells him that he has not received the other letter. He also hopes that Chase will visit his brother.




England voyage, Manchester, England


Queen’s Square

28th February 1825

Right Reverend and dear Sir

Tho’ on all the hurry of setting out this day for my Circuit (which takes me five weeks from home) I cannot but acknowledge your letter of the 23rd instant from Hull, which reached me by the Twopenny Post last night. I lament very sincerely to say that your letter of the 12th instant has never reached me, nor could I account for what appeared to be a very long silence on your part. I had great satisfaction, however, in hearing that the conciliatory measures of which I had endeavored to lay the foundation, were proceeding in your absence, which, tho’ I could not but lament on other grounds, I therefore hope will not be materially prejudicial to the success of a most important project. I am most thankful that no illness, or other untoward accident, as now appears has happened to you. Should your plan allow of paying my Brother a visit, I hope you will do so, for, except to bring you here, I never have eased to wish that visit accomplished.

I trust your wishes and prayers will be granted in the peace and prosperity of your Jerusalem.

I am, Right Reverend and dear Sir,

With great esteem,

Your obliged and faithful Friend and [S]

G.W. Marriott

I let this take it’s chance of reaching you. There is a letter at this house for you from Manchester, and, I understand, many at your lodgings.

Letter to Bp. Chase



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