Henry Hakewill



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Hakewill tells Marriott that the plans for the school that he intended to give to Bp. Chase will not reach him before he leaves to return to America. He will send the plans to Marriott in the hopes that he will be able to pass them along to Chase at some point.




voyage to America, plans for school, Summington, Rev. Ward


Summington, July 8th, 1824

Dear Sir,

I received your note late this morning expecting the plans of [Rev’s] School. I had them drawn out for the Bishop & expected to have heard from R. W[ard] where they were to be sent. They are now locked up in my room & as I do not expect to return till the 19th they will not be in time for the Bishop to take with him. I will however send them to you & possibly you will be able to forward them in some [commencement] you may have with the Bishop. I hope to reply on Tuesday evening to Mr. Ward [?] and set off the next morning for Worthing.

I am, Dear sir,

Your very obedient servant,

Henry Hakewill

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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