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Dr. Macbride tells Bp. Chase that he is sending a parcel of books as a donation, including a volume of his own which he hopes will be helpful to Chase's seminary.




Oxford, Seminary, Magdalen Hall


My dear Sir,

In making up a parcel of books for you the contribution of your Beford friends I am induced to add a little volume of my own which I flatter myself you will value for the sake of the Donor. I needly hardly say that it only aspires to be useful the history of its origin is briefly this. I have been for some years in the habit of hearing the members of my Hall construe the [?] & have written down some remarks for their use. Finding that some of them were sufficiently uninterested in them — I printed a few copies that they might be able to peruse them in a more agreeable form than in manuscript. As your students like mine will not have much leisure to turn over commentaries for themselves, & as indeed for some time, such books will hardly be found in your Seminary my compilation may perhaps be of some service.

It will be at least a memorial of the interest I take in your branch of our Common Church with earnest wishes & prayers for the extension & growth of which in grace, as well as for your own personal & official prosperity I beg leave to subscribe myself your faithful friend and servant,

J.D. Macbride

Magd[alen] Hall

July 8th, 1824

Letter to Philander Chase



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