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Fragment. Rev. Ward condemns Bp. Hobart and worries about the growing "schism" between Eastern and Western churches. He claims that Bp. Chase's name and cause would be better known in Colchester had he begun his career earlier, and asks for updates on Chase's journey.




Bp. Hobart, Colchester, schism


-best policy, even best worldly policy, is the fruits of the Spirit, the wisdom that is from above; first [?], then teachable,” (from John 3:14) While the wisdom of the world is foolishness, never was this truth more clearly demonstrated to my eyes in real life, than in the different causes that these two Bishops have formed to attain their end. The strongest appeal to the hearts of English men & women is Innocence oppressed; and if it is in the cause of religion English Christians instantly take the man to their hearts. Bishop Hobart should have known this; and if bad passion did not make the B. B[?] as blind as a bat he would see it too.

Since I finished the above I have been over to Colchester to assist in drawing up a circular letter a condensed summary of Bp. Chase’s case, errand, & object. In the general information of this neighbourhood in fact, Bp. Chase’s name, or the American case is not known to the hundredth even Clergyman of the Church. Had his career begun sooner his object might have been accomplished long ago.

I found a letter to him in Colchester which I will direct to you. O! Pray send down appeals and statements & buckets of water in abundance, for we stand in need of every defence against the enemy. The [?] report that the Bp’s great object is a schism between the Eastern and Western churches. I have more to say, but the feast is at hand. Please let me know how the dear Man gets over. Report progress that I may cheer the friends he has left behind him. We have written to the West and wherever we have friends in his way. Kind remembrances to you from all my animated Ohio circle, & I am yours most faithfully,


Letter to G.W. Marriott



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