Anson Hayden



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Everybody in London misses Chase. Bishop Hobart has visited and is changing his direction towards Chase's cause, he has proposed making Chase's school a Branch of the General Theological Seminary.




London, England


England voyage, Bp. Hobart, Manchester, General Theological Seminary, college, Ohio


London Feb. 7 1824

Right Rev. Bp. Chase

Dear Sir,

I have been here three weeks, and expected every day your return. On Monday morning 9th we leave for Paris, and regret going without seeing you. Calls for you are very frequent, and I am quite sure that your presence here is expected, and perhaps necessary. Bp. Hobart is here, and not unlikely engaged in giving a new direction to your mission. Would you like to make your school a Branch of the General Theological Seminary? I think not under Bp. H. discretion. The enquires are so frequent (and at this particular season, when your exertions are to be made) of what has become of Bp. Chase, induces me to make the enquiry. I have been too much occupied in my own affairs [?] able to give you any news. I stopped short of [?] in my journey North, and [propose] visiting Manchester in about 5 weeks. We hope to see you in London, this day 3 weeks.

Mary is very well, and desires to unite with me in kind regards


Anson Hayden

Letter to Philander Chase



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