Philander Chase



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Bishop Hobart is making collections in favor of the New York Seminary, which bodes well for Chase's cause. Chase details his time in Derby and Ockbrook with Mr. Evans and Mr. Howard.




Derby, England


England voyage, Bartlett's Buildings Society, George Marriott, Josiah Pratt, Bp. Hobart, Christian Observer, British Review, Mr. Evans, Parliament, Reverend Howard, Mr. Cox, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Johnson, Reverend Conner


The Writer’s letter to his Manchester Friend Mr. W.

Derby Feb 3 1824

My dear Friend.

The trunk was duly recd and in it I found your note and the inclosures. With you I rejoice at Mr. Marriott’s letter and think it [augurs] well about Bartletts Buildings.

From Mr. Pratt also I recd a letter purporting to accompany a No. of the Christn Observer and a No. of British Review. But this parcel has fallen out by the way. The Christn Obserr, however I saw as in a No. sent to Mr. Cox at whose house I am now writing this. It contains all the appeal with a note about Bp. Hob’s making collections in [favor] of the N. Y. Semy. This could not have been inserted but by the Good Bishops consent! If so what volumes does it speak! The [mountain] was in [pain] etc… That the opposition has thus ended I am grateful beyond expression. How peaceful! No power but His who can still the angry deep could have thus assuaged the troubled passions of men. Most sincerely do I wish success to that institution; and am happy to have heard the same sentiment from your own lips and still more happy that you communicated the same to Mr. Johnson.

Nothing can exceed the kindness with which I am recd by all who know the object which brought me to Engd. Mr. Evans walked on Sunday to Church with me, and after saying ten thousand obliging things and shewing me great civilities set off at 12 at night for London to attend the opening of Parlt on Tuesday.

He left orders for his coach and Servants to attend me to Derby to breakfast with Rev Mr. Howard and thence to take me to the Moravian settlement at Ockbrook. The Minister of Mr. Evans Ch. accompanied me; and the excursion was beyond description pleasant. At the Rev. Mr. Howards were assembled any clergy and Laity who seemed to love me at first sight.

At Ockbrook I became acquainted [?] with the Rev. Messrs Connor, Church [?] Montgomery of the Moravian school [?] with the Rev. Mr. Hay of the establ. [?]. The last accompanied us in the Coach to Derby where at dinner and supper many others both Gentlemen Ladies and lay characters were made known to me.

After consultation this morning it is agreed that I go hence to Sheffield and thence to Leeds. Where then I will write you. Mr. Pratt thinks it will not be necessary that I go to London till after the middle of Feb.

Wherever I am I know I have your prayer that God may direct the steps of your friend and Brother

P. Chase

Letter to Timothy Wiggin



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