Philander Chase



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Chase describes the success of his travels and asks Sophia to write while he is in Manchester.






England voyage, Mr. Reade, Mr. Dixon, Mr. Dallin, Reverend James Knight, Mr. Norris, Timothy Wiggin, Mr. Gray



My dear Wife./ Halifax Mar 5th 1824

I shall fold these papers up together as I have not time to copy nor arrange. All I can now say [further] here is that, the night before I came from Leeds after I had closed my [packet] for you, there was a party of good friends at Mr Reades and much conversation. I wish to remember the name of a Mr Dixon who presented me with some books on the Catechism.

To Mr Dalim I have mentioned my kind reception at the Vicar’s in this place. His son the Rev Mr James Knight and wife together with his sister and wife and two lovely daughters and a Mr Norris (not [?] Norris of Hackney I assure you) were present last evening.

Today much will be done as the good Vicar is all like and kindness.

The [country] from Leeds to this place is very populous--nearly one continued [hamlet] extending on each side over the Hills as far as the eye can reach the view takes in thick clusters as well as scattered groups of houses all built of a yellowish grey stone; and all-

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[Thence] we shall return to this town on the same evening; and on Wednesday morning shall go to Huddersfield; where I hope to meet with my good friend Mr. Wiggin from Manchester. Our stay at Huddersfield perhaps may not exceed 4 days. When I shall accompany Mr. Wiggin to Platt Hall Manchester. If while there or sooner I could receive a letter from you it would give me great pleasure; as I [beg leave] now to assure you that few things would gratify me more than a constant correspondence between us.

The printing off of a few American prayer books (as mentioned to you) from the [?] before they are put up for Ohio, meets with general approbation. The Vicar here assures me that many will be taken. Would not a little minute of the number wanted in each place by way of subscription be desirable in helping forward the completion of the plates in good time, and while the thing is in the mind of our friends--”Pray mention this to the good Mr. Gray, [Tordhom] and to all our friends in York do name me in very respectful and grateful terms.

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Letter to Sophia Chase



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