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A recommendation for The New Instructor by Asa Rhoads.




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The New Instructor

being the

Second part

Of the

American Spelling Book

([?] from various Recommendations on first [?])

The accurate instruction of youth in the elementary principles of our language, and the great importance of early installing into their minds morality and piety, form the basis of my motive in recommending to parents and school teachers, a book entittled “The New Instructor” - complied by Asa Rhodes. It is a work of much merit, particularly on account of the great number and variety of words, properly accented and defined, and the judicious selection of pieces for reading, calculated to purify the heart and to form the taste and instruct as well as amuse the mind, the afore mentioned book needs but to read to be approved by all lovers of learning, morality, and piety.

Philander Chase, Preacher of Christ Church Poughkeepsie NY

In noles from refined author page.

“Objections are made by parents and guardians against purchasing dictionaries for their children, arising from their price-and from containing some indelicate expressions”

I feel like adding exclamation marks. This was [?] from my shorthand notes taken in Kisco.

The New Instructor Being the Second Part of the American Spelling Book



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