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Chase wants Dudley to be his new Treasurer, he is getting anxious about his finances if he were to die suddenly. More on the payments made to Jedediah Fay.




New Orleans


Poughkeepsie, NY, Daniel Fay, Jedediah Fay, Dr. Smith, church, New Orleans, money


New Orleans Ap.l 9th 1810

My dear Brother,

I believe I have written to you of the failure of all my plans of returning to the north this summer. Consistently with my duty the thing, however consentaneous to my heart’s best feelings, could not be effected. I had made the want of punctuality in the payments of the salary and the unnecessary and unjustifiable delay in building a Church in my people the ground reasons of my leaving them: and fully believed these would not be obviated. In this however I was mistaken. They have agreed, and are now con[?]ing the raising of money to build a [a] Church: and as to the arrearages of Salary such measures are taken as to justify a belief that they will soon be paid up to the first of the month. The sum of all will be $2,535. Such has been my success in a lucrative school that I have been enabled to pay off my notes at the bank (drawn in consequence of my former losses) and nearby to satisfy all demands against me from individuals. I owe not in this country to the amount of $50 -- As I have taken a large house ($1,000 per [annum]) and considerable additional furniture being necessary I think I shall not be (after I shall have rece’d all) in cash more than 2,000 besides the $300 which I shall remit you in a few days. Now, Dear Dudley, don’t you remember some conversations we had relative to a subject of this nature? Did you not then say you would take charge and husband any little sum I would send to you? If you do; pray reverse the particulars in your mind. I wish to make you my Treasurer. The friendship which has ever subsisted between us justifies me in the correctness of this wish.

As the motive for resorting to this method of arranging my affairs is to secure something for my dear Boys in case of death you will see this. I want everything done in the most regular styles. The very nature of the business demands this - our distant situation demands it by precarious tenure of human life demands it. That property in your country does not bear so high as interest as here, I am well aware - but it is more - much more secure. Such are our laws and their execution - such are our judicial proceedings - that were I to die tomorrow not owing a [far] thing in the world and possessing 10,000 of [?] property, the expenses of settlement would bring my estate in debt!!! This is true, my brother; therefore you will not wonder at my present request...Which is that you would immediately answer this - informing me of your best ideas how to proceed - or rather how you will proceed - best to effect the interest of myself and that of the dear Boys. The sum mentioned together with all others that i shall from time to time send you (excepting what goes for the boys expenses and to other purposes specified) I would wish so laid out as to be commanded in case of an emergency or misfortune and the interest regularly paid. What do you think? Do write me word! Do not be so stingy of your pen ink and paper. Tell me something of my Pough. Business - I hope you have been there are rec’d the interest and rest of my property; to help out the sums I send you.

The $300 will leave this in a Bill of [?] on the house of Grey Boston or Salmon on sight in the course of 12 or 15 Days. $100 of which you’ll have the goodness to pay to Mr. Fay. I am sorry to hear of his delay in moving to R. I. What is the matter? I fear the sum is too small to bear him out in the expense; if so pray assist him and I will ind[?]y you - Jed is to receive $50 in addition to the $50 for which I in a [?] tread on you in a letter to him. The acc’t stands with him thus:

Paid by you to Dr. Gallup…$150

To do as per letter to himself…$50

To do by you to himself…$50

To be paid as per this letter…$50

For this sum he is to give his note (when he receives the last payment) payable to me or my agent or heirs be on the death of his Father and Mother (whom may God preserve) with interest from the date. In payment of which annual interest, the receipt thereof from his parents shall be taken. If Dr. Smith must be paid - let it be done and added to this note or another - taken another of the [?]or, and interest.

In great haste I send all love, and blessing to the darling Boys - Don’t think of entering them into College till you hear from me and we [contest] more on the subject; they are too young by 4 years yet. Adieu! Dear Dear Brother! My wife sends her best love to you and yours and every expression of tenderness to the dear boys. Don’t let them see this scroll.

Philander Chase.

P.S. My wife said that the part of this hasty letter included in [?] is not sufficiently plain. I am not of her opinion, but lest any difficulty should arise - I will explain. Jed is to give his note to me and to his own father and Mother - so long as they live; when that cease to be the case he is to be liable for the principal - Should they survive him the note is to be paid out of his effects and put with security into some other like situation. This is saying a great deal about a little I know: but you must “bear with me.” I do not know [?] has yet called on you or that you have paid, the $50 mentioned in a letter to him. If that should not have been, the case you will pay him it on the ret. of the money I shall send you or out of anything in your hand from Poughkeepsie. Pray do attend to my affairs and send me a statement of them for the love I bear you!!!

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