Philander Chase



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More information on George Scott's trip Northward, both Chase's wife and mother are ill, and he may see his mother no more.




New Orleans


Ellen, George Scott, Bp. Moore, family


New Orleans July 6th, 1808

My dear Sister,

Your affectionate letter of the 13th of April was received three days ago. The part addressed to my dear wife and your most living sister, she would have answered herself but being but just recovering from a severe illness has left to me the pleasure of speaking for her, as well as for myself.

That she has not altered in her sentiments concerning you, or abated, in the least of her fond Regard for the friend of her youth and the companion of her riper years, her word actions, and most increasing mention of your name and excellent qualities bear ample testimony. That she has been afflicted with me at the silence of yourself and others who have, from our youths [up], been nearest to our hearts, ought not to be a matter of surprise: I do not know how it [?] otherwise unless we can persuade ourselves to love you less than you do - which as it seems is impossible. Your very excuses for not writing have on us the contrary, from the proposed, effect. You say “you are in your native Country and among your blood relations” - Does it therefore follow that you letter must be “[insipid]” The reverse we think would be the case - For is not your native country, ours? Are not your friends and neighbours, ours? Have we not played on the same hills - and wandered in the same meadows? Can any allusion to these be uninteresting? Can the History of your domestic Relations, of your neighbourhood and of our Brothers Sisters Fathers Mothers Nephews and nieces (dull as the recital may appear to you who see it as is passes) fail to afford the most pleasing satisfaction to us who are in exile 3000 miles from our paternal soil? Oh Sister! You know not what it is to be separated from those you love; and have it not in your power to see even a straggling Beggar, who has seen the house, in which you were born.

By the letter of our dear Sons we had learnt that [?] had gone to Cornish to minister the wants of our dear sick mother! May a Gracious God support and Bless her! You say she is some better - but not so well as she used to be! I fear we shall see her no more! My heart swells with prayers that this fear may not be realized. What would I give to be with her in these moments of distress - to kneel by her side; to [?] her pious thoughts in prayer - to be the humble instrument of animating her faith - of dispelling her anxious doubts and of administering to her the Bread of Life! Now sincerely would I beg her forgiveness of my manifold transgressions of her maternal authority - of my ingratitude and selfish deafness to her kind advice! And how fervently would I implore her Blessing! Perhaps a dying Blessing - Alas! I know not how to express to you the lasting grief it will [?] me, if I see her face no more! You will perhaps reprove me for grieving at the death of the Righteous. I am sensible of the Lot of humanity - and soon must follow myself. But I cannot bear the thought of so parting from a Mother who certainly has been the best of Parents to me while then thousand things crowd on my mind wherein. I have either omitted or transgressed the duties of a Son and for which I wish to obtain forgiveness. Gracious God blot them out by the tears of my repentance and grant unto the mind of my venerable Mother the Spirit of forgiveness!

You tell my Dear Wife to come back! Dear Sister, if this be anything more than one of those [numberless] [unavailing] wishes, which good health frequently indulge - how can you expect it ever accomplished? Would you have us indeed come back and throw ourselves without a [?] of support on the Charity of our friends? Friends who perhaps, in these difficult times, have it hardly in their powers to support themselves? Ellen, our Sister, has expressed the same thought. But it cannot be that you, either of you are in earnest. We love our friends, and our Country more and more the longer we are separated from them and the more we see of others: but we love our independence and the honest means of a livelihood better than either. Here we can live, discharge our duty and do some good in making some [wicked] people better - shielded from the contamination by the Blessings of Heaven and by the exercise of a Sacred profession. Why therefore throw up to the longing eyes that boon which can never be enjoyed? Our Pilgrimage will soon be at an end and then we may all meet; God grant it may be in heaven!!!!

I mentioned to you when I began this, that your sister has been ill - she has indeed, but God has been good unto us and made her bed in sickness; so that she is now fast recovering - Tho she is still weak and her hands so trembling that she cannot write, yet she sits up nearly the whole day adn never was in better Spirits. She sends her best love to you and my dear dear Brother and our little sons. We have rec’d a letter from Mr. G. Scott (who will take the Charge our darling Children) dated at N York 7th of May. He tells me he obliged to tarry a few days longer than he expected, before he takes his tour to the Northward, on acct. of the indis[?] of his wife - He will be with you, some time in August, [per]haps the latter end, when I pray you will lend the [Lads] o their Longing Parents will all the fortitude which becomes your character. Do not forget to impress it on the mind, of our sons not only to beg yours and their grand Parents blessing but be sure and insist upon calling on the Good Bishop Moore God’s lawful Messenger and kneeling for a benediction. Others may in these bad times despise the Lord’s anointed, but I have learned long since not be so presumptuous. Tell them also to ask for the prayers of the Church for [?] going to [?]. When this is done we trust them to that God who made them. May He be gracious unto them protect and keep them and deliver them from all dangers by land and by water! Hear us O Lord God Almighty - for the sake of him who saved a sinking Disciple calling unto Him…..My own health never was better - Pray make our love to all all our friends. May Heaven bless them and you forever. Farewell Dear Sister.

Philander Chase

Letter to Olivea Chase



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