Anson Hayden



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Hayden sends his apologies for having misdirecteing Chase's letters




England voyage, Christ Church, Stafford, CT, Charles Sigourney, Philander Chase Jr., Bp. Hobart, Bp. Brownell


London 23 Nov. 1823

Right Rev.d [?],

I arrived in this place yesterday, and am extremely sorry and mortified not to find you [?] sorry from the pleasure we expected from your society and mortified that we have misdirected your Letters—when we arrived in Lipool on the 14th. I took it for granted that you was in London, and to save you the expense of Postage, I made a bundle for my friend Wheaton and included two letters and a paper or two of yours—and I find that M[?]. does not know where you are—as I cannot but think that you are on the way here, I stice keep the Letter, and address this to your Nephew in your absence—one of the letters and some papers in from M. Sigourney, and one from M. Kipp who I saw the morning we saild, he had not [?]d as he expected a letter [?]forward from M. Chace—I conclude they are not very important, or that a little d[?] will be material—Philander saild for Charleston the day he had decided upon, before you left—I saw him M. Chace on board, they was both as well as when you parted—M. Wheaton has lodgings No. 9 Chapel Place, new Yere Street, where you can address him, and where I would recommend your taking Lodgings when you come [to] Town—he proposes going to Cambridge next week, but would not I suppose be long absent—he is anxious to [?] you, and unite operations against an attack made upon you both by your Dear Brother Hobart—I have not seen it but would send it if I knew where i[t] would hi[t]—perhaps it will be well will be as well for you to take it up here and so what can be done—M. was getting on very well before his Book made its appearces—I have also a letter for you from Bp. Brownell, he wrote you and Hobart both begging for the love of the Church, that war should not be declared betwen you in England, both the little man has fired off his Guns—he goes I understand home to Italy—Mrs. H sends here love,and I by to ap[?] you of my most sincere regard—


My address R. L. Cha[?] Exy. London

Aaron Hayden

Letter to Philander Chase



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