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Wishing Bp. Chase good luck on his voyage. Warning him against entering a deal with Bp W[hite].






England voyage, General Theological Seminary, Bp. White, New York


Middletown Sept 24th 1823

Rt. Rev and Very Dear Sir,

Yours of the 21st did not come to hand until too late yesterday (though I sent to the office at the hour of opening it.) to take the stage and I suppose from your letter and from the papers that you embark today, otherwise I should have been in New York this evening. So it has happened my anxiety to see you without fail, probably will prevent the pleasure I had anticipated. [Little] If I can ascertain that you do not sail today I shall be in New York on Friday Evening.

I am glad to see that you are unmoved and determined to persevere notwithstanding the measures taken to discouraging and discountenance the undertaking. May the Great head of the Church bless and prosper you —

— If I should not see you Do remember me in the land to which you are going. And write to me often and particularly. Let me know all that has befallen you. The circumstances of your voyage, the success and success of your mission. I have [merry] very many things to say to you, but advice, your own good judgment will point [?] your course and I trust heaven will [await] and assist you.

Though Br W. has been hastened off in consequence of your contemplated visit in England and so far in opposition, I hope your objects will not [interfere], yet this is our point which has been mentioned that I may be aloud to say a words or two upon. A union and share in success may have been proposed. By this you could have little to gain, he much. I entertain no doubt of your success, of his much doubt for with us the success of our College is doubtful, though no one is more deeply enlisted than I am in its success —

Now my dear sir, I commend you to the care and protection and blessing of him, to whom you have so solemnly committed yourself and your mission.

Your Friend,

B G Noble

P.S. Do write to me every thing that may be interesting. In hope of seeing you still.


Letter to Philander Chase



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