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Philander Chase notes some of the church services he attended recently in New York, as well as some of the subscribes to his Jubilee fund.




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Brooklyn 30. July 1840

My dear Wife:

I have just returned to my lodging at Dr. Cutler’s. I went yesterday to Mr DePeyster’s - agreed to dine with him on this day at 3 - to see a builder whose advice will be of use in selecting building materials - called on Dr Milnor saw Mr Minor who wants to be appointed a Missionary - want to know more of his ability before I nominate him to the Committee.

Mrs Clibborn & Mrs Nicholson (the two ladies [?] jointly for $500 to the N. York Professorship) called to [?] me to Mrs [Llorillard]’s - found her at home: but very cold and full of excuses - she s’d, however, she would think of it. (N.B. she is sister to Mrs Meiers whose daughter had in the morning subscribed $500 for the NY. Prof’p as I told you) - I should have told you that Mrs Clibborn when I had just taken my seat in the coach said to me nearly in the following words - “I have good news for you Sir; Mrs. Meiers, the mother the young lady who gave you $500 this morning, has also authorized me to tell you she also will give you $500, for the same object!! - And what is still more I am [commissioned] from my Husband to say to you that in case you will promise a certain thing he will or rather we will give you the sum of $200 from the Douglas fund left in our hands to reward missionary servants west of the Allegany [sic] mountains.” - “What is that one thing” said I “which I must promise?” She replied “It is that you do not [employ] the same in building [nor] in the purchase of lands for the College but for your own comfort and that of your Missionary family” [This] was the thing to which I assented.

[I came] back and dined with Dr. Milnor and at 5 put myself in a car & rode to Harlem. The Rev. Mr Clark officiates in the church in this place. I went to see and drank tea with him. Quite an agreeable gentleman - said he would go with me to the Church in Manhattanville where for the convenience of having lights in the Church the meeting had been appointed. The Audience was quite as large as is usual and the regular service was read by Mr Clark and myself preached. All were quite attentive. No collection is asked but the conscience addressed, & how they can shake off the duty which that imposes I can not see. After church I rode to Mr Clifford’s where I staid last night. Mrs C. & Mrs Nicholson had gone immediately after leaving Mrs Llorillards to Rhode Island. In the morning the Rev Mr Richmond came over to see me. Just before leaving for the city I went over the Style to see Dear Mrs Meiers & her daughters. It is strange to see how happy beneficence makes the human heart [?] those who are under the greatest affliction. This woman is blind and has in other respects been deeply afflicted, yet she is infinitely more happy than those who are fifty times more wealthy because out of her little she hath given to the Lord, or rather began to pay him what is his due.

I rode to Town in the carriage with Mr Clif[ford] [?]. He set me down dear the Rev Dr Wainwright. The [?] at home and with him I had a long conversati[on][.]

I then came on my feet (gro[wing] [?] sore.) to see Dr Milnors; & thence to [?][.] Stop’t in to Mr Burtis [via] Fulton Ferry. [?] He has made a purchase of many thing[s] [?] way of clothing for Jubilee. 15 or 16 [?][.] Don’t be frightened. We can not go on & build Jubilee without this process! I shall not run in debt any!

Found all well but no letters from you--how this grieves me you can not tell.

Ever faithful

Phil’r Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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