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Notice of his voyage to England and leave from Cincinnati College. Rough itinerary of travels through Ohio to New York.




Cincinnati, OH


Sophia Chase; Dudley Chase; Henry Chase; Mary Chase; Salmon P. Chase; Mrs. Russell; Sarah; William Sparrow; Edward; Zanesville, OH; Steubenville, OH; Cincinnati College; president; England voyage


Cincinnati July 23 1823

Dear Nephew,

Do not be amazed if I tell you strange things. With one believe that God has ordered and will order all things for his glory whether it be by life or by death.

This day I have made up my determination, if God be willing and directing, to go to England myself. I relinquish or suspend (to be decided on Monday next which) the office of President of Cinci College and as soon as the arrangements can be made I set off for N. Y.

We shall go in our waggon. Mrs. Chase Dudley Henry and Mary. Salmon will probably remain under the care of Mr. Jones or Hamilton and work with him and say his prayers till my return.

Mrs. Russell and Sarah had their choice either to go with us and visit friends in Vert or to go on a visit to her Brothers in Indiana. She chooses the latter.

Mr. Sparrow and Edward will stay with some friend till the winter when they will visit their sister below N[?].

On Monday next at 6.p.m. there is to be a meeting of the Trustees of the College and many other Gentlemen Citizens.

Before the Meeting will be laid my reasons for leaving there, which under their present circumstances no doubt will prove satisfactory. At least it is so said y all who have been informed. Their taking leave of me it is hoped will not do me discredit abroad.

Now (say you) when will the Bishop be in Zanesville in Steubenville [?]? I think under providence we may be off from this in all three weeks from this - perhaps sooner. But who can tell?! I think of going from Steubenville to Canfield and at Ashtabula of Ordaining the Rev. Mr. Hall. n this case you must go with me to present the candidate.

You may venture to write to Mr. Hall and tell him that on the first or second of Septemr God willing I propose to start from the town of Steubenville with my fare towards Canfield Boardman [?]. What exact time it will take me thence to travel to Ashtabula with my family and perhaps to preach in Windsor let you and him judge. Perhaps you had better make the appointments as far as Boardman and leave all the rest to him minding to make no unnecessary delay nor to hurry on the Lambs too fast.

You see I have left space to be with you and Philander. God grant that this time, precious indeed, may be well spent.

Ten thousand things must be said, and almost as many done.

Sketch these for me:

A general circular to the Diocese explaining of this extraordinary proceeding and requesting their prayers on the good work.

A note addressed to all the Episcopalians West of the Mountains requesting Societies to be formed in every place to encourage and maintain young men desirous of being ministers.

I have just recovered from a violent run of the fever: and Mary is a little better of the Summer Complaint, of which she had very nearly died.

P. Chase

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