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Copy of Inscription in the Uncas Burial Ground




Copy of Inscriptions in the Unca Burying Ground; Samuel Unca; Norwich, CT


Copy of Inscription

In the Uncas Burying Ground

Samuel Uncas

For Beauty Writ for Sterling Sense

For Temper Mild, for Eloquence

For courage bold for things Waureegan

He was the glory of Mohegan

Whose death hath caused great lamentation

Both to the English and the Indian Nation

Here lies Sam Uncas the Second and

Beloved son of his Father John Uncas

Who was the Grandson of Uncas

[?] Sachem. He died July 31st

1741 in the 28th year of his age

Here lies ye Body of Pompi Uncas son

Of Benjamin and Ann Uncas and of Ye

Royal Blood who dyed May Ye 1, 1740

In Ye 21 Year of his age

Here lies the Bodyes of 2 infant children

Of Benjamin Uncas [?] and of Ann Uncas

Of ye Royal Blood, one died Nov 8 1783

Ye other Dec Ye 10th.

In memory of young Seasar Ionus

Who died April 30th, 1749 in the 28th year

Of his age, and he was cousin to Uncas

In memory of Elizabeth Joquib the

Daughter of Mohemet great grand child

To ye first Uncas Sachem of Mohegan

Who died July Ye 33 1756 aged 33

In memory of Elizabeth Begheck

Great grand child of Uncas Sachem

Of Mohegan who died Oct 26 1761

Aged 14 Years

Copy of Inscription in the Uncas Burial Ground



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