Philander Chase



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Philander Chase solicits financial advice from his brother-in-law Joseph Denison.




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Jubilee College

Feb 9th

To Dr. Joseph Denison

Very dear Brother;

You w’d have reason to blame me, were I to omit your name among the few persons whom I have been able to address on the subject of our present distress

The inclosed “extract” is that to which I allude & to which I solicit yr sympathetic attention. Whether successful in obtaining relieve or not it will be a part of my history. Should your name stand recorded among those who gave me help in time of need, I think, the blessed fact will not cause you to blush when we meet in Heaven.

A compromise is offered, though informally, for $3,200.

For obvious reasons, I do not think it right to go before the public in print. Under God I rely on my private friends of whom I have some in England as well in this my native country.

One man, a Mr. Morrison who on his visit to his little son now in our flourishing school, said to me at parting--put me down for $100. May God bless him and also all others who do likewise.

A “Writ of possession” has been “sued out” already. Some delay may be obtained, not with a view that I can pay--for I have no money but to pay my honest debts.

Samuel (the Rev Dr. Chase) says he will quit the moment the land passes into the hands of others and is divied[sic] into lots. In other words the College will be no more & the rise on the lots (now so ardently expected by my Enemies) will be moon shine.

Pray let me hear from you soon

Yours truly Ph’r Chase

Letter to Joseph Denison



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