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Philander Chase considers his patrilineal descendants.




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To Mrs Rachel Denison


Jubilee College

Feb. 8th 1852

Very dear Sister

To you I cling as unto the only branch left of my dear Father’s family. We were 14--we are now only two left, and myself the youngest 76 six years and upwards.

Dear Sister! our coaevals are few and far between like the tall pines on the banks of the Connecticut after the “[Mast men],” have cut away all between leaning here and there one to nod to its fellow on a distant promontory saying we also must soon fall to our parent earth

Be it so dear Sister! But we fall to “rise again.” So that [he] believed: but a dead faith was not enough. Our blessed Saviour gave it life when replied to Matha[sic] “I am the Resurrection and the life” “He that believeth in me tho’ he were dead yet shall he live.” Yes dear Sister, we begin to live here by faith, but the consummation of our life in Christ shall be in another and a better world than this, so that “whosoever liveth & believeth in Christ shall never die”

It is Sunday the day on which the Sun of Righteousness arose from thereby changing the Jewish to a Christian Sabbath.

I can not attend Church as usual. Last night was spent in pain. A heavy cold having settled in my head I slept but little and today I am weak and exceedingly [nervious]. Consequently I am forbidden the great pleasure of preaching in the college chapel

But nothing but the loss of memory or reason can make me cease to think of you & yours.

It is christian to speak to you this day of the widow and the Fatherless. Mrs Russell and her [?] Sarah-- But how changed their condition from what it was when you knew them!! Lucia! dear Lucia! that sweet flower that bloomed on the banks of White River* is now faded and her daughter Sarah the mother of 8 children the last twins. The little ones are with their grandmother living in the “Warren” a good little dwelling so called because it holds so many “young ones”

*I saw her in the family our Sister Sally 1806

When I am well enough to ride out I call to see them a sight indeed for a benevolent mind!

  1. The twins 17 months old “Ned & Nelly”

  2. Horace 3 years & hald

  3. Cate 6

  4. March 8

  5. Sarah called Sally

  6. Ruth }

  7. Fide } in N. Hamp’h

Eight in all

What adds to my pleasure in calling in to see this dear family is that they all seem so near to me benign the descendants of our dear Sister Lois. Two others from the same branch are with us. They are the Childred[sic] of Addison Smith Esqr of Shelbyville Ill now deceased. Their names “Lucia” and “Dudley” both highly respected and most interesting to their friends.

I had written thus far when a fit of sneezing and coughing made me stop and after relaxation in my arm chair, my dear wife read a selection from a sermon printed in that newly established paper in N.Y. called the “Evangelical Catholic” entitled “New themes for the Protestant Clergy.” Seldom have I met with anything more appropriate to out present Condition in the Christian world.

You (Dear Sister) think our Condition isolated. It is a mistake. We have the whole world spread before is in our papers from all quarters; depicting the history of nations, and Empires--and the Whole Church--the Prophecies fulfilling--and the last peiod[sic] of man’s trial evidently drawing nigh, thogh he himself is asleep yet the “land” by all faithful manners is seen. “Land ho” is cried from the mast head: “Awake thou that sleepest” “There is land” “There is land on the Bow and the wind is pressing the ship on shore. The Breakers are framing round us, Awake, Awake”

Oh Blessed Saviour! who once said to the Storms “peace, be still” say now to you, my Dear Sister and to me your loving Brother “Be not afraid it I” “Believe in me and you will soon be in the [wished] for Heaven” It is I be not afraid

Your loving Brother


Letter to Rachel Denison Jr. (Niece)



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