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Philander Chase describes the Holy Week services to his sister Rachel.




Philander Chase, Rachel Denison, J.S. Chamberlain, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter, Easter Sunday, Church, church services, sermon


AD 1851

Jubilee College Easter day

My dear Sister Rachel

I had great pleasure in reading your Post Script in Dear Rachel’s good letter dated about a month ago. I carried it immediately over to the College that Dear Lucia and Sarah might be gratified as well as myself by its interesting contents. I have seen them and Samuel since they read it; and can assure you of their assurance of their most tender regards to you and all the dear ones mentioned by the very accomplished Letter Writer.

After this introduction I will tell you some thing of my poor self and what is passing here an[sic] in the vicinity.

Last friday accompanied by Mrs Chase I was at Mr Remingtons in a parish of English Church people inhabiting Limestone Prairie about ten or twelve miles from this. The services of Good Friday being as you know, quite long I hoped for assistance from the Rec J.S. Chamberlain Mary’s husband, but was disappointed from some cause yet unknown to me; so that I had the whole duty including the sermon to perform alone. Yet being wonderfully sustained by divine goondess I went thro the whole and being advised to take a circuitous route home found a much worse road; and found the sun down before we entered again our humble Cottage on Jubilee Hill.

Saturday the weather was rather cold & I did not go out; tho’ Henry took the Ladies visiting us from abroad (among whom is our dear Mary Ohio my dear first Philanders daughter) our a riding through our very pleasant grounds. Today has been a festival indeed: our Blessed Lords Resurrection. The Chapel of the College was filled with devour worshippers-- Three young men of our school were confirmed two lovely infants were baptized one of them was Philander Chase the Third as fine a chile as I ever saw; his Father born while I was in England the first time having read prayers stood with his surplice on as one of the Sponsors. This circumstance joined with the solemn fast of my giving the Elements of the Holy Sacrament of the Lords Supper into the hands of my grand Daughter Mary O. the now accomplished & pious child of my first Philander inspired feelings of gratitude to our Heavenly Father which I can not describe. What hath God wrought? Do I live to tell it?

The number of Communicants at the Lords Table was 54 and the collection was taken up for our New Mission to Oregon what was in the plate when offered at the table appeared to amount from $13 30/00 Dollars. In delivering the Sermon or address as I am obliged to perform it, from the chair, I felt more than usual animation (I hope) arising from the right spirit.

One thing seems certain I never experienced livelier sensations of hope and joy at the triumph or over Death as set forth in the services of this Blessed day than at present. God grant that I be not deceived. If “Christ died for our sins” I am sure “he rose for our justification.” I heartily and with all my soul believe both. If it were not so I should wish I had never been born--Oh Blessed Jesus! What a debt of Gratitude do we owe to thee! Blessed Spirit of Redeeming love seal these life-giving truths on the soul of your living brother, and of your most loved Sister and all near and dear to us so prays your only [surviving] Brother

Philander Chase

Letter to Rachel Denison Sr. (sister)



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