Mary Darlington



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Transmittance of money for the Taylor family to the eldest daughter, Mary Darlington.




Philander Chase, Mr. Burkett, Mr. Remington, Mr. Murphy, John Remindong, J. Murphy, John Birket, William Taylor, John Taylor, Mary Darlington, Taylor family, orphans


In the very liberal and benevolent suggestion of Bishop Chase in his letter to Mrs Murphy, Burkett & Remington of Dec 3 /50 that the entire money received from England for the benefit of the Taylor family should be handed over to the eldest daughter, we beg to express our entire concurrence, and as far as we have any right to do so renounce any claim which we might have on that money, from the fact of three of those orphans residing with us.

John Remington

J. Murphy

John Birket

William Taylor John Taylor

Bishop Chase received of the Club per Mrs Vigers £20 & of My Taylors brothers £2 which with the rate of exchange at that time amounted to $136, which he now pays Mary Darlington the eldest daughter of the late William & Ellenor Taylor who has two of the children with her. The above will shew that this arrangement is made by consent of all parties. Received the above named sum viz, one hundred & thirty six Dollars of Bishop Chase this the 11th of April AD 1851

Mary Darlington

Jubilee College, Ill.

North America

Letter to Philander Chase



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